Know Our Work:


The Scleroderma Foundation is thousands of individuals across the United States engaged in a great undertaking to provide support and education to individuals and families affected by scleroderma while funding more than $1 million in research to discover the cause, to understand the mechanisms, and to overcome the symptoms of scleroderma. Our National Patient Education Conference is a hallmark of patient outreach and our highly respected Peer-Review Grant Program helps establish research careers and facilitates innovation by established investigators. Locally, 20 chapters manage support groups, host patient education workshops and fundraise to fuel our threefold mission: support, education, and research.

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Scleroderma Canada serves as an advocate nationally for those affected by the disease and works collaboratively with regional scleroderma organizations and the international scleroderma community to achieve common objectives. Scleroderma Canada is committed to promoting public awareness, supporting those affected by scleroderma and funding research to find a cure. Until then, we will work to improve the quality of life for those with scleroderma.

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The Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF) was established in 1987 by patient turned activist Sharon Monsky when research on this potentially life-threatening illness was nearly nonexistent. Since our founding, we’ve stood firm in our belief that the best way to help scleroderma patients is to fund medical research aimed at improved therapies and a cure. Today, we are one of the nation’s largest nonprofit investors in scleroderma research. Patients and their loved ones find hope in the fact the SRF is dedicated exclusively to funding medical research that will help them live longer, fuller lives.

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We gratefully acknowledge corporate support from Boehringer Ingelheim, GmbH. and Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc.