Kheesa Jones, 40

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In 2005, Khessa Jones started having symptoms she couldn’t explain. But she wouldn’t discover her diagnosis until the following year – after the birth of her first child.

Now, as a married mother of two, Khessa proudly refers to herself as a scleroderma warrior. And she’s not wrong. Struggling with shortness of breath and extreme fatigue, plus all the other complications scleroderma can cause, she still pushes herself to be present for her 13- and 2-year-old daughters.

Despite two high-risk pregnancies and two premature births, her girls are happy and healthy. And that’s something she’ll always celebrate.

“They are the achievement I’m most proud of,” Khessa said. “I created life. TWICE!”

Calling motherhood the most joyful job in the world, her children are her biggest motivators.

“They’re what I’m fighting for,” she said.

And at the end of the day, that makes their influence the most impactful… and the most inspiring.