Kaylee Renee

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Kaylee Renee’s future looked limitless in 2019. At just 7 years old, she had become an ambassador for Justice, the popular girls’ clothing line, and was a social media influencer for young kids and tweens. Even at her young age, she recognized the importance of giving back and participated in charity events to benefit her hometown nursing home, fight childhood hunger in North Texas and send supplies to U.S. service men and women.

But on September 9, 2019, Kaylee was diagnosed with a rare tissue disease called Eosinophilic Fascitis (EF), which causes the tissue under the skin and over the muscles to become swollen, inflamed and thick. Kaylee’s feet became rock hard and lost much of their mobility. In addition to EF – a condition which affects only about 300 people in the world, and very few children – Kaylee was also diagnosed with localized scleroderma, which caused patches of her skin to become thickened and discolored. But as Kaylee says on her website, itskayleerenee.com, “I choose to see joy through the pain by keeping a bow in my hair and a smile on my face.”

Kaylee owes a lot of her positive outlook to her mother, who taught her that attitude is everything. Kaylee and her mother Amberly made a pact: if Kaylee would keep a positive attitude, Amberly would handle everything else. But even Kaylee’s sunny disposition was challenged by the aggressive treatments her doctor prescribed, which included more than 29 IV infusions and frequent blood work. During some of the most difficult treatments, Kaylee discovered that music calmed her and gave her the strength to endure her trials. A few months later, Kaylee decided to use music to inspire others who were going through difficult times. She wrote a song, titled “Hold On,” which was released as a single worldwide on January 12, 2020 (available on ITunes, Apple Music and other music outlet).

Kaylee is now eight years old, and has shown tremendous strength and optimism throughout her difficult journey. She wants to spread a positive message to the world: Never give up, and hold on to your faith. Regardless of what your situation may be, you can always find the positive and give back to make a difference.

The desire to spread this uplifting message led her to create “Kaylee’s Krew,” a group of chosen ambassadors who will help other young kids and tweens become better leaders. Kaylee’s Krew will be a positive platform from which kids can give back to the community.

You can follow Kaylee on her journey at her website and on social media:

  • Website: www.itskayleerenee.com
  • Facebook: Kayleerenee
  • Instagram: Itsmekaylee4